If you discover a family member or friend is hoarding items, it’s natural to want to help them. You may want to roll up your sleeves, grab a big garbage bag, and start throwing the stuff away, but that may not be the wisest decision. Because of health reasons, you should use caution and contact professionals for cleaning up after a hoarder in Port Orange, FL.

Hoarding Contents Could Be Harmful

There is no way of knowing what you might find inside a pile of hoarding contents. You could encounter insects, dead animals, broken glass, flammable items, and biohazard materials. Because of the dangers posed by these items, anyone handling them should wear proper protective clothing to protect them from these dangers.

The Proper Method of Cleaning Hoarding Contents

Cleaning professionals have a proven method for hoarding cleaning. First, they will remove the contents from the room from top to bottom and sort through them methodically. The room will then be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

Professionals Have Training in the Proper Disposal Methods

At ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB, we equip and train all technicians in the appropriate use of personal protective equipment. The technicians know the correct way to use cleaning chemicals safely. They also have training in the proper handling of contaminated items and hazardous materials and will dispose of all items properly according to the local ordinances.

What Happens After the Home Is Clean?

After the home is empty, clean and sanitized, you want it to stay that way. We’ll assist the client by developing a cleaning plan. We also suggest the client consider seeking help with any stress or anxiety that may contribute to their hoarding.

We clean and dispose of hoarding items based on local regulations for health and safety reasons. Our technicians have the proper training and experience necessary to mitigate any types of hoarding situations. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB today to schedule an appointment for hoarding removal.

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