There’s a good chance you’ve watched a show or two on TV about hoarding and how it takes over people’s lives. The aftermath of hoarding extends far beyond having to call a Daytona Beach, Florida, restoration service company to go into a home and clean it up. Hoarding can impact everything from your family members to mental health and criminal record.

Family Conflict

Hoarding often leads to a significant loss in usable living space. This can result in huge problems among family members. Imagine not being able to walk to the bathroom in your own home because your spouse has the floors covered in items that would normally be thrown away or put in storage. This would probably make you frustrated and it could lead to further problems between you and your spouse or children.

Mental Health

When someone has a hoarding problem, this means they have the inability to throw away possessions. As the home becomes more and more cluttered with items, including everything from trash to food to hygiene products, this can increase the hoarder’s anxiety as well as the anxiety in his or her family members. It also leads to the inability to choose where to store items. This type of indecisiveness can flow over into other areas of a person’s life.

Criminal Record

Hoarding can lead to criminal charges, especially if children are involved. When a person is hoarding, trash or improperly stored items can cause major health concerns. If someone you love or even a neighbor is hoarding, it may be necessary to contact child protective services (CPS). When this happens, an investigation will take place, and if the situation presents an immediate danger to children present in the home, they may be removed on the spot by CPS.

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