Responsible business owners have long sought to ensure that their places of business are clean and safe for staff and clients alike. While there are plenty of steps you can take to avoid potential risks that could lead to falls, spills and other dangers, there are also hazards that are not visible to the naked eye. Here are some things you can learn from the professionals about keeping your Ormond Beach, FL, business free of bacteria and viruses.

Is My Business Safe?

It’s important to realize that your business can be safe while bacteria and viruses are still present. In fact, there’s a better chance than not that there are viruses and bacteria in your business right now.

While there are steps you can take to decrease the presence of bacteria and viruses, such as calling a technician to clean your ducts and install air purification and UV systems, there is nothing you can do to totally eradicate the presence of microbes. Fortunately, most bacteria and viruses don’t cause any type of sickness, so their presence does not necessarily create health risks.

One such bacterium is micrococcus, a relatively harmless microorganism that is responsible for the odor in human sweat. Bacillus is an example of a common bacteria that rarely results in adverse health reactions.

Where Do Bacteria and Viruses Hide?

All the surfaces in your business are probably playing host to bacteria and viruses. The walls of your building provide plenty of nooks and crannies where microscopic organisms can hide and multiply. That’s not even factoring in the number of bacteria that are on your floors, tracked in by the shoes of employees and patrons.

Typical locations to watch for bacteria are places that you commonly touch, like doorknobs, handrails and chair backs and arms. Also, places that are moist and contain organic material such as wood, food or bathroom waste that bacteria can consume while they grow are typical places where microorganisms can increase to become a problem.

How Do Microorganisms Spread?

Microorganisms exist in the air, in the water, in food, in dirt on shoes and on the human body. Touching anything has the ability to spread bacteria and viruses onto the surfaces of your business.

While you should do everything you can to ensure that your business is clean, the type of cleaning required to take care of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses is better left to professionals. Call us at ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB today to have your business professionally disinfected.

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