Helping a loved one with a hoarding problem in Port Orange, FL is a tricky situation that requires patience, determination, and understanding of this mental health disorder. When you are concerned about someone’s safety and quality of life, here are three ways that you can offer support without causing intense emotional distress and straining your relationship further:

Learn More About Hoarding

Successfully offering support to a person with a hoarding disorder (HD) starts with learning about the drivers behind hoarding behaviors. This complex issue is not simply about cutting the clutter. Since hoarding is emotionally rooted, tossing out possessions is an anxiety-filled process that triggers shame, anger, and resentment. Interventions will always be met with resistance, so gathering knowledge and professional support can help ensure your efforts are delivered in a non-confrontational and nonjudgmental way.

Lend a Helping Hand

It is frustrating helping a loved one regain control over their hoarding habits. It will be a long process because they will want to look at every item before letting it go for fear of tossing something important. You can offer support by scheduling time to come over and then arriving with storage bins and shelving. While sorting, listen to their stories and then help them prioritize which items to keep and those to let go. Sentimental value is personal, so be careful about judging the specialness or usefulness of an object. Since you are likely to encounter a lot of indecision, you can offer useful advice for categorizing, organizing and displaying items.

Recruit Professional Help

Sifting through possessions can become intense, and it is easy for hoarders to lash out at the ones they love. Having a hoarding service professional by your side can minimize conflicts. The compassionate remediation experts at ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB can also assist with efficiently organizing, donating and recycling items and then sanitizing the home so that these tasks aren’t so overwhelming. Contact our hoarding specialists to get additional support for helping your loved one during a hoarding clean up.

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