Anyone who has had their property vandalized knows the frustration of this experience. Property owners in Daytona Beach, FL, can minimize some of the stress that vandals can cause by having a plan in place to deal with the damage. The following tips will help the repair process go more smoothly for vandalized residential or commercial property owners.

1. Be Proactive

It’s never a bad idea to possess a plan for the worst-case scenario. Prudent home and business owners should keep the tools on hand they’ll need to repair damage caused by vandals.

Materials you should keep on hand include paint to cover graffiti and boards to cover windows until you install replacements. You should also know what technician you’ll call if vandals strike at your property.

2. Take Immediate Action

Property owners must address the damage left behind by vandals as soon as they’re aware of the problems. Delaying needed repairs to your home or business can result in additional damage. An example of this is allowing enough time to pass before fixing a broken window to allow secondary damage from pests or water damage to occur.

3. Document Damages

After the initial walk-through of the property, owners should document all damage sustained. The record of these damages will help guide the effort of cleanup crews, provide documentation for potential insurance claims and help the police determine what criminal charges to apply to the vandals if they’re caught.

4. Security

Property owners who become regular targets of vandals will do well to invest in a security system. A security system won’t completely eliminate the threat of vandalism, but it can deter the actions of some vandals before they take place. The cost of a security system will be well worth the money you’ll save on future repairs.

Property owners struck by vandals will need the services of an experienced cleaning and restoration crew to avoid permanent damage to their properties. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB in Daytona Beach, FL, to restore your property to top condition after vandals strike.

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