If you experience a disaster and your Deltona, Florida, home gets damaged, you’re going to need restoration and construction cleanup services. While you, as the homeowner, can do some of the cleanup, most of it is best left to our professional construction cleanup team. Let’s look at four benefits of using our services.

Organization of the Project

Cleaning up after a disaster is a huge job with lots of paperwork. Organizing and hiring contractors and sub-contractors takes time as does packing and securing your possessions. When you use our professional construction cleanup crew, we’ll help to relieve some of the stress incurred when you have damage to your house, and you’ll be able to move back home sooner.

Full-Service General Contractor

Our general contractors and project managers evaluate the damage and write up an estimate of the cost. Other jobs that the contractors perform are stabilizing structures and environments, demolishing damaged areas, boarding up exposed areas, and securing the property with fencing and tape. Once the property is stable, the contractors rebuild the damaged parts of your home. We provide full contractor services, including rough carpentry, painting, floor and roof repair, and electrical and plumbing work.

Securely Store Possessions

When your home receives damage from a natural disaster, fire, or flooding, your possessions are often at risk. Our professional restoration contractors safely pack your belongings and bring them to a secure storage area. After completion of the construction cleanup and the rebuilding of the damage, your belongings get returned to your home.

Insurance and Paperwork

It’s essential to contact your insurance company as soon as possible after your home experiences a disaster. Our specially trained team will contact your insurance company, file the claim, and fill out the necessary paperwork. In addition, the team takes care of obtaining and posting necessary construction permits.

If you need construction services and construction cleanup, give our team at ServiceMaster Restore by HRB a call today to schedule your appointment.

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