Mold is part of the environment, and it grows everywhere. When it’s in your Ormond Beach, FL, home, it’s a problem. Indoor mold is a known cause of respiratory distress, allergies and asthma, and it can also cause costly structural problems for your home. Read on for some critical tips on controlling and eliminating dangerous mold growth.

Control Indoor Humidity

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the most important part of eliminating dangerous mold growth in your home is controlling indoor humidity levels. Use a humidity monitor, called a hygrometer, to keep track of the level. If the humidity exceeds 50%, you’ll need to take action to remove the excess moisture.

Add Active Ventilation

When cooking, cleaning and showering, run an exhaust fan. The cooking and showering processes create a lot of steam, which condenses out of the air. The moisture sits on surfaces, where it fuels the growth of mold. Keep the exhaust fans on during these activities and for an additional 10 minutes after you finish the activities.

Use Your Air Conditioner and a Dehumidifier

Your air conditioner does more than cool your home’s air. It also removes moisture from it. The moisture drains away through the condensate line. If your home is still too humid, use a dehumidifier. Portable units are good for small areas. Consider a whole-home dehumidifier for constant humidity control.

Inspect for Leaks

Plumbing and roof leaks allow moisture to saturate the wood, drywall, ceilings and flooring of your home. You may need professional leak detection services to locate the origin of the leak. It’s important to find and repair those leaks as soon as possible. Fixing leaks helps control moisture and reduces the risk of structural damage to your home.

For more tips on controlling and eliminating the growth of dangerous mold in your home, reach out to ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB. We’re available 24/7/365.

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