Most people like to think ahead and stock up on usable items for the future. Some people like to start collections of interesting items and display them. Hoarding, however, is a compulsive disorder that can negatively affect your physical and mental health. If someone you know is a hoarder in Port Orange, Florida, learn how hoarding negatively affects their physical and mental health and how to get help.

Air Quality

Dust, as well as odors and harsh chemicals from decaying products, contributes to poor air quality in a hoarder’s home. These factors cause respiratory problems, such as inflammation of the lungs. Additionally, clutter can block air vents and windows, which provide the necessary airflow needed to circulate oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Hoarding Brings Pest Infestations

Pests such as roaches, flies, and other critters are attracted to decomposing items, which are often found in a hoarder’s home. These pests will be able to find hiding places in the clutter to breed. They can also pass on bacteria and pathogens to the resident’s food supplies, which can cause serious illness.

Fire Hazard

Many hoarded items are flammable, and a large amount of items throughout the house probably means that these items are in close proximity to heating vents, light bulbs, and stoves, potentially causing a house fire. Rodents can also chew through electrical wires and cause electrical fires. If a fire does start in a hoarder’s home, it can be very difficult to fight the fire and find any residents trapped inside.

Mental Health for Hoarding

Hoarding also negatively affects social relationships. Compulsive hoarding often strains relationships with neighbors, friends, and family members who may just want to help. Hoarders also tend to stay at home and often don’t invite people over. People need these healthy social relationships and interactions to maintain and improve their mental health.

If someone you know is a hoarder, their physical and mental health may be in jeopardy. Call us at ServiceMaster Restoration today at 386-267-5806 to talk to one of our hoarding removal experts.

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