Eradicating the smoke smell after a fire outbreak in your Deltona, FL, home can be a challenging task. If you want to remove smoke odor, you must use specialized techniques and equipment that only an experienced restoration firm can offer. Below are the steps involved in smoke eradication.

1. Use Air Scrubbers to Clean the Air

If your building is intact and the fire affected one area only, open all windows and doors to create airflow throughout your premises. The first step to solving smoke odor is by creating proper ventilation.

However, note that if the smoke odor is pervasive and robust, using air scrubbers can help control odor in your affected premises. An air scrubber not only absorbs soot and smoke odors but also helps remove other types of sewer gas and petrochemical odors. It’s also good for eradicating ozone odors and food and cooking odors.

2. Use Thermal Fogging to Neutralize Odors

Even after thorough post-fire cleaning, some smoke fires can be pervasive unless you use a unique technique known as thermal fogging to eradicate them. It entails heating deodorizer and spraying it in a fog form. And since it is a fog form, the mixture can penetrate through the toughest spots, attaching itself to the smoke particles and neutralizing the odor. /p>

The fog’s penetrative power makes thermal fogging one of the most efficient ways of removing odors from carpets, walls and small cracks. It offers you an ideal cleaning experience when done in conjunction with other smoke odor control services.

3. Use Hydroxyl Generators

Hydroxyl Generators create hydroxyl radicals that eliminate smoke odor molecules. It’s the most preferred and safest odor eradication process used by contractors since it requires zero-intervention of chemicals and masking agents. This machine works by simply placing it in an odor-affected area and turning it on.

Unfortunately, eradicating smoke odor and soot from all your possessions can be a difficult and challenging task. Call ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB for professional emergency services like smoke damage restoration. Our team has the necessary workforce and equipment to restore and rescue your premises after smoke damage.

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