Every home can get messy and filled with items at times, but most of us create time to clean the mess up. However, when someone clings to items even though they’re useless and end up with a cluttered house, they might be suffering from a hoarding disorder. Some people keep items because they value them, but others keep them because they find it hard to get rid of them. Here are some signs that someone you love is a hoarder in Deltona, FL.

1. Clutter

Although everyone’s home can have clutter, people who aren’t hoarders will usually find time to clean their place regularly and arrange things in order. However, if your loved one is a hoarder, the clutter will always be there; they’ll show no effort to clear it, and you might end up needing bacteria and virus disinfection services. Also, for a hoarder, the clutter will have no organization, and things will keep accumulating over time; they keep creating messes on top of other messes.

2. Inability to Get Rid of Things

You might always be trying to convince someone you love to clean up their place and get rid of useless things. If the person is a hoarder, you won’t manage to nag them into cleaning, and they’ll try to create excuses for why they need to keep certain things. Pay close attention to how your loved one acts when you ask them to get rid of things, and if you notice that they become distressed, there’s a chance that they’re a hoarder.

3. They’re Compulsive Buyers

One way to know that someone you love is a hoarder is by checking their shopping behaviors, what they buy and how often they buy things. Hoarders will buy many unnecessary things, and at times they even neglect to buy the necessities. If you notice that your loved one is a compulsive buyer, talking to them can help, but they may need mental health counseling.

If your loved one is a hoarder, you might find it difficult to help them. However, when you treat your loved ones with love and care, you’ll always find a way to help them battle hoarding disorders. If you need any hoarding removal services at your home in Deltona, FL, don’t hesitate to contact us today at ServiceMaster Restoration by HRB.

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